The Vision

Blockchain technology is the future. At the FLAMES Technology CentersTM, we understand that blockchain will be the foundation for many of the jobs and tasks we perform everyday. By introducing our youth to blockchain technology and financial literacy early, we can ensure that they will be equipped with the necessary skills to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The Visionary

As a technologist with over 20 years of IT experience, Fred has developed solutions and spoken at various venues internationally. He currently teaches blockchain with Althash University, a global online program that focuses on blockchain technology. He is a Certified FinTech Professional, Certified Financial Education Instructor, Microsoft Certified Professional, ITIL certified, security professional, blockchain consultant, speaker, and published author. As a serial entrepreneur, he has consulted with small businesses in an array of areas including business automation, logistics, content management, and Microsoft 365 training. His best-selling book, Adopting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Embracing a Digital Future, continues to be a great resource for introduction into the blockchain space.